In her inspiring new book, author Judith Casey offers a heart-wrenching account of her personal struggle with her son's alcohol abuse and suicide attempt.

Still healing, Judith Casey put her story into words in hopes that the events of her life's tragedy might help others in a similar situation to recognize the signs of a cry for help.


"It was just before Thanksgiving when my son put a shotgun under his chin and pulled the trigger. He survived, but the blast obliterated his face. As I watched him struggle back to physical and mental health, I wrote what I saw and felt in my journals. This book came from those journals and from my son's memories, which he shared with me. I freely admit that this book is written from our point of view and colored by our emotions. It was not written coldly and objectively, as a reporter would have written it, but from a mother's heart. My hope is that our story might spare someone from suffering through the same torment we experienced. My family has found that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there can be a happy ending to even the most tragic story."

Judith Casey